Acceptance of any order, or the initiating of any process, or the furnishing of any product(s), or the acceptance of payment, constitutes unconditional acceptance by the vendor. All information must be held in confidence by Vendor, releasing no information is authorized unless instructed in writing from AMVP. 

AMVP will have right to entry of all Vendor facilities, and right to all records, to perform inspection and ensure compliance to contract(s) and/or work being done for its customer and/or regulatory agencies. 

Pricing/Charges/Fees as stated on all order(s), covers all goods and services to be provided by the Vendor as specified on the order(s). Prices also cover all charges for packaging, shipping, and/or transportation. Payment shall be Net 45 days from the invoice date in US currency ($) unless agreed upon in writing by AMVP. 

The Supplier/Vendor shall, in performance of this agreement, through the issuance of a Purchase Order(s), provide and maintain a Quality System. The Supplier shall use AMVP-designated or approved external providers, including process sources (e.g., special processes). The Supplier must notify AMVP of changes to processes, products, or services, including changes to external providers or location of manufacture. 

All product(s) of Vendors must be in conformance to specifications of all drawing(s) and/or model(s) and/or documents that are attached or related to product(s). It is the sole responsibility of the Vendor to obtain documentation of industry standards. It is the responsibility of the Vendor to obtain the necessary/required documentation of specifications or product(s) from AMVP.  

Suppliers/Vendors must maintain 90% or higher delivery and quality performance ratings. Failure to maintain required performance ratings will require a corrective action, or you may be considered for removal from the Approved Supplier List. 

On time delivery is critical. Scheduling of, and actual delivery is the responsibility of the Vendor. Delivery must meet the delivery date of the AMVP PO. However, if the Vendor may Not meet delivery date of PO, the Vendor may request for a revised delivery date, at the discretion of AMVP, one week prior to original delivery schedule; Conversely, AMVP is still entitled to seek reimbursement or compensation due to nonconformance of original delivery date (even after approval of secondary delivery date), if monies loss due to Vendor and/or scheduling. 

Vendor shall follow AMVP instructions for shipment on order, or verbal. Product(s) shall be shipped and/or transported in accordance to PO and/or best commercial practice to protect/prevent product damage and/or deterioration. 

The Vendor shall notify AMVP of any non-conforming product(s). Vendor shall also identify and keep separate conforming and non-conforming product(s). Vendor may request AMVP for delivery approval of non-conforming product(s), aware that approval is at the discretion of AMVP. Payment and acceptance of product(s) does not constitute AMVP approval of product(s). Upon acceptance of an AMVP purchase order, the Vendor agrees that AMVP is entitled to compensation, delaying payment, and/or withholding payment to Vendor, for any AMVP labor and/or material costs and/or rework and/or monies loss associated with Vendor responsible of nonconformance and damages.   

The Supplier/Vendor shall establish and maintain a process to prevent and control the delivery of counterfeit material and parts to AMVP. Suppliers performing work under an AMVP Purchase Order agree to and shall ensure that counterfeit material/parts are not supplied AMVP. Supplier shall immediately notify AMVP in writing if the supplier becomes aware or suspects that counterfeit material/parts were furnished to AMVP. 

The Supplier/Vendor shall maintain record retention for a minimum of 10 years. 

The Supplier/Vendor agrees to ensure that persons at their facility or subcontracted external providers are aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, safety, and the importance of ethical behavior.  

TC01 Rev. B (12/04/2017)